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Schoolboy, 15, held as terror suspect after taking photos of railway station for GCSE project

Times: Leaked EU Minutes - Ireland Will Vote Again On Lisbon AND EU Membership *

74 Years Since Oct Snowfalls - Deprogramming Global Warming *

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Phone Mast Top Suspect For Giving A Large Number Of Poor Dubliners Brain Cancer *

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UN announces ‘Green New Deal’ for transformation of world economies

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A Second Look at The Federal Reserve - The Creature from Jekyll Island *

BBC: Monkeys test ‘hardworking gene’ *

Destroying the old to bring in the new *

Nature over privacy - Home owner ordered to tear down garden fence

Kosovo Protests Against EU Police, EULEX Mission

Big brother to track all emails, internet history and telephone calls under £12billion government plan

Titanic Bailouts to Sink Ireland And The West *

Constant Conflict - Source: U.S. Military - Attack On Human Culture *

Carbon Tax Provisions Hidden In U.S. Bailout Bill

Canada Finds Surveillance Of Skype Messages in China *

Naked Searches For All At Irish Airports *

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

Fed Created Over 1 Trillion Dollars In Two Weeks *

Irish Times: U.S. Planning For Resource Wars Against Populations *

Fascist Ireland - €4,500 levy for ‘removal of private cars from city centres’ urged report *

EU To Restrict Online Free Speech - Blog Ban

Freedom to Fascism Screening - 23rd Jan @ 8pm

Abolition Of Double Jeopardy A Huge Risk To Justice *

Old people should be pushed towards death, says Baroness Warnock. Eugenics?

Smoking ‘police’ hit the streets to shock people into quitting

Prime Minister Psychopathically Links Irish Lisbon ‘No’ To Global Meltdown *

Nothing To Hide - Part 1 - Privacy Protects From Tyranny *

EU Document Exposed - Ireland Will Be Forced To Vote Twice On The Lisbon Treaty

The Modern ‘American Inquisition’ *

Royal Mail’s New Stamp of Marie Stopes - Sterilization and Hitler Advocate

Barclaycard Introduces Payment by Phone or Fingerprint Scans To Pay For Goods: Credit Cards Are Out-of-date

Irish Govt And The StratAG Project - Full Spectrum People Tracking Based Technology *

Carbon Footprint Food Labels - Unhealthy Food Is Greener *

Great Control With Radio-Frequency Identification Surveillance - Already In Passports And More *

The Anti-Human Agenda *

Adults without children to be interrogated by park wardens and risk being thrown out *

We Are Already Dining On Clones - Food And Drug Administration Approved Unlabeled Clone Food For Human Consumption *

Happy Classes To Condition Children For Adulthood Not To Think Of Negative Issues (Like Low Pay And Corruption) - Irgnore Your Nagging Conscience

Irish Prime Minister Committed to United Nations Depopulation Agenda and Savors Ireland’s Dying Society *

‘Environmental volunteers’ will be encouraged to spy on their neighbours

New Subjects In School Shake-Up: Credit Card Debt, Climate Change, Obesity, And Responsibilities As World Citizens *

EU ruling means people could be convicted in absence and without charges being known *

Under the radar: Subliminal cues do work after all, says study

Irish Independent: Orwellian Media Monitoring Unit to be run by private corporation for all government departments *

Home Secretary warns credit crunch will push people towards violence, racism, radicalisation and terrorism *

Sustainable Development – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing *

Telegraph: How Big Brother watches your every move *

EU law risks bakery exhibitions being consigned to history

Govt Garda house break-ins, to silence alarms used as excuse *

British ‘Stasi’: Serious Powers Given To Councils and Private Firms *

Irish Government Nazi Policy ‘Hampered’ by Constitutional Freedom *

Irish consumers escape Life-Giving-Gas Tax ‘the second year in a row’ but may have to drive slowly

MI5 Report: Everyone is a Potential Terrorist *

Prepare For Lisbon II Publicised - Propaganda Translation

BBC: 40,000 blameless children have DNA stored on UK’s 4 million person database *

Scots schoolchildren to be fingerprinted in controversial ID scheme

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van

UK Surveillance: Families ‘fined’ thousands after downloading computer games *

Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century *

The Scientific Outlook - Part 8 - Free Trade and Labour in a Scientific Society

Texas school allows teachers guns to protect kids from killers

Telegraph: ‘Pay as you drive’ road taxes as cars to be fitted with black boxes *

British Government Attempts To Scrap Open Justice In The Name Of Fighting Terrorism

Italian mayor bans gatherings of three or more people as soldiers hit streets *

The First Global Revolution - Green Agenda *

Now there are 1,000 laws that will let the state into your home

Diagnosing Distrust as a ‘Mental Disorder’ with Brain Scans *

Unmanned drone planes set to spy on Britons

An Open Letter To Stephen Collins (Irish Times Treason Article) *

Martial Law In Italy As Berlusconi Puts Troops On City Streets

One World China Rally Swamps Dublin City *

New Controversial Car Parking CO2 Tax *

Irish Times: Ratify Lisbon Treaty regardless of referendum

Sarkozy Comes To Dublin - Tyranny On The Street (Video) *

British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”

The Scientific Outlook - Part 5 - Behaviourism, Psycho-Analysis and Physiological Manipulation in Education *

Irish Council Staff Tracked by Satellite System worse than ‘big brother’

Another Lisbon Vote would be Suicide shows Irish Poll *

Irish Independent Promotes Eugenics and Depopulation *

Doctors: Limit families to two children ‘to combat climate change’

Mairead Maguire, Irish Nobel Peace Laureate, Shot by Defense Forces During Peaceful Protest (Video Clip)

Disabled boy, 12, held under Terrorism Act by Channel Tunnel police and Mother accused of child-trafficking *

Taoiseach backs plans to use bugged information for prosecution evidence in court

Berlusconi escapes trial thanks to new immunity law

Taoiseach backs plans to use bugged information for prosecution evidence in court

The Scientific Outlook Part - 4 - Propaganda: From the Class Room to Hollywood *

Italy to fingerprint all to avoid discrimination

Big Brother database recording all our calls, texts and e-mails proposed by British Home Office

Vote Again on the EU Lisbon Treaty, Nicolas Sarkozy Orders to the ‘Bloody fools’ [Irish]

BBC (2003): Would a MICROCHIP keep your child ’safe’? - Or would a killer cut out the chip? *

‘Greens’ are the enemies of liberty *

The Scientific Outlook - Part 3 - Scientific Technique and Education *

TRUTH RISING: The 9/11 Chronicles, Part One (Film) *

Proposal for EU police in all large cities *

G8 leaders’ UN pledge to create global poverty by enforcing the reduction of life giving gas (CO2) levels by 50% *

Children as young as three should be reported for ‘racism’, Government-funded group claims

The Scientific Outlook - Part 2 -The Rule of the Scientific Expert

SOS - EU’s First Step Towards Chinese Style Internet (threat to internet neutrality) *

Google ordered to hand over personal details of millions of YouTube users

Judges cite nonsense poem in Guantanamo case

ANH and Irish Delegation Urge the EU to Stop Codex Alimentarius (food code - due Jan 2010) *

American Intelligence To Access Your Bank Accounts, Travel Plans, Salaries… *

Government ‘License’ To Interact With Children Creates Anti-Social Fear Based Communities *

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy - Part 5 - The Mass Media Division of UNESCO

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy - Part 3 - Education for World Government *

Reshaping the International Order - Part 6 - A Glimpse into the New Order

EU Kiwi Ban Costs Trader because of 1mm

The End of Double Jeopardy *

Mere Exposure to John McCain Can Be Dangerous

Aftershock in European Parliament (video clip) *

Poll: 44% of Americans favour torture for terrorist suspects

EU “Democracy” Unveiled *

Personal Carbon Credits Backed by MPs

Jim Corr Speaking About The Lisbon Treaty And The New World Order

Teachers given right to screen pupils’ computers and mobile phones in crackdown on school gangs

Hi-tech face recognition cameras used to spot underage drinkers

Labour plans to ban children from school unless they have an MMR jab

Man Arrested, Put In DNA Database For Allegedly Dropping Apple Core

Reshaping the International Order - Part 4 - Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists *

Republic or Democracy? *

Face scans for air passengers will start in the UK this summer

The Lord giveth… and the EU Charter of Rights taketh away *

Reshaping the International Order - Part 3 - “Functional” Sovereignty and the Common Heritage of Mankind *

RTE SELLING the Lisbon Treaty! *

China executes 9 people a week, says Amnesty

The EU & RFID Chips: Springing the Trap (video) *

Head teachers to get powers to ‘stop and search’ for drugs

Daily Mail Reports that Met Police officers to be ‘microchipped’ by top brass in tracking scheme *

Big Brother: Radio frequency identification (RFID) *

Austrians form a Human Chain around Parliament Demanding a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (video)

In a so Called Democracy why do the Minority make all the Laws? *

New EU - Irish Amendment Bill for the EU Lisbon Treaty (video) *

UK Mass genetic surveillance

Who’s who in the EU commission *

Irish Government Sold Our Nation To The UN *

Watchdog’s threat to 42-day terror law

Sarkozy thanks “loyal” Brown for refusing a referendum on the Constitution

Tibet, the ‘great game’ and the CIA

Ireland’s National Media RTE Reports Clinton, Obama, McCain, Bush, & Cheney are related *

Introduction of Public Torture Bracelet to Keep you Safe *

EU forces passengers on and off the buses

Gardai Retirement Age Threatened by the European Court of Justice *

City Sued for Cuffing 4-Year-old Nap Nixers

UK Daily Mail: Insects become fly-on-the-wall spies with tiny cameras, radio controls and microphones

Imprison People Before They Commit A Crime Say Experts *

Unknown Music Crimes 2008 - what does it mean for you & me? *

IBM Ad - RFID Implant Checkout Supermarket *

Irish Govt Will Begin Mass Internet Surveillance of All Innocent People by end of March 2008 *

END OF NATIONS - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (Film) *

Alan Watt’s analysis of UK Guardian article, “Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future” *

Home-school Germans flee to England to Escape Hitler’s 1938 Law

Enforce Government Sterilisation of Teenage Girls (Minister’s Proposition) *

Council Announced that Covert Agents To Prowl Dublin City *

Farce: Control of the Village through Terror *

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Film) *

Government Education Guidelines: Don’t use terms “Mom” and “Dad” *

Policing the Pollution in Mayo (video) *

Clear Evidence Of Widespread Vote Fraud In U.S. *

Who Will Control Your Thermostat?

Mexico to Microchip Central American Migrants

The High-Tech Police State Begins at the Mall During Christmas

ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement (Film) *

Grandfather who called Welsh woman an ‘English bitch’ is convicted of racial harassment

Police State Ireland

They Live Taser Saucer To Become A Reality

School to track pupils with radio chips sewn into their uniforms

Peacful demonstrators attacked by Brussels police

Guardian: British Govt Admits Millions were in Germ War Tests *

End of Nations - EU Takeover and the Lisbon Treaty